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Our service technician team specializes in effective dishwasher repair services in Atlanta. Whether it’s a leak, broken appliances, or a failure to start, our dishwasher repair company tackles every issue of household appliances. We ensure your major appliances run smoothly with minimal disruption to your daily routine. Schedule your dishwasher repair now!

Dishwasher Repair Services

Your dishwasher is an essential appliance in your kitchen, designed to make your life easier by saving you time and effort in cleaning dishes and cutlery. With just the push of a button, your dishwasher can effectively and efficiently wash your dirty dishes, leaving them sparkling clean and ready to use again.

When your dishwasher stops working properly, it can be a real inconvenience. You may find yourself spending hours washing dishes by hand or piling them up in the sink until you can find a solution. In addition, a malfunctioning dishwasher can also create more work for you, as you may have to rewash dishes that were not properly cleaned.

This is why it's important to have a reliable and efficient dishwasher repair service that you can trust to get your dishwasher back up and running in no time. At Appliance EMT, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that a broken dishwasher can cause, which is why we offer prompt and reliable dishwasher repair services.

Common Dishwasher Problems We Fix:

Leaking Dishwasher:

A leaking dishwasher can be a frustrating and messy problem. If you notice water pooling around your dishwasher or puddles forming beneath it, it's important to take action quickly to prevent water damage to your floors or cabinets.

Dishwasher Not Fully Draining: 

If your dishwasher is not draining properly, it can be a messy and frustrating problem. Clogs in the drainage system are a common cause of this issue, and can lead to water buildup and bacterial growth inside and outside of the dishwasher.

Dirty Dishes Even After Running the Dishwasher:

There's nothing more frustrating than running your dishwasher only to find that your dishes are still dirty. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including overloading the dishwasher, using the wrong detergent, or more serious problems such as damage to circuitry or electronic control components.

Smelly Dishwasher: 

A smelly dishwasher can be a frustrating and unpleasant problem. Built-up food debris in the strainer screen or filtration system can cause odors, so it's important to clean these components regularly. Running the dishwasher with a cleaning solution, such as a special type of detergent or white vinegar, can also help clean the appliance.

Dishwasher Won't Turn On: 

If your dishwasher won't turn on, there are several potential causes to consider. A faulty door latch can prevent the dishwasher from closing properly, which can prevent the dishwasher from starting. Additionally, a blown fuse or tripped breaker can affect your dishwasher's power supply.

Noisier Dishwasher:

A noisy dishwasher can be a frustrating and distracting problem, especially if your dishwasher was previously quiet. Overloading the dishwasher or obstructing the spray arms can cause excessive noise, so it's important to ensure that dishes are loaded properly.

Water Fill Problems: 

Water fill problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty floats or float switches, or a problem with the water inlet valve. These issues can cause your dishwasher to either not fill with water at all, or to overfill and flood your kitchen. If you're having this issue, make sure to check the float and switch for any damage or blockages. You should also inspect the water inlet valve for any signs of corrosion or wear.

The average costs to fix a dishwasher varies based on the complexity of the problem and the parts required for the repair. Simple repairs, such as unclogging a filter or fixing a door latch, are generally inexpensive. More complex issues, like replacing a malfunctioning pump or water inlet valve, will cost more but are typically less expensive than purchasing a new dishwasher. Major repairs by expert technicians, especially those involving the electronic control system or the main motor, can be quite costly; however, these repairs can still be worthwhile compared to the cost of a new appliance.

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We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of benefits for our dishwasher repair Atlanta, GA to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Experienced Technicians

Our skilled appliance repair technician team has years of experience in dishwasher appliance repair, equipped to handle any issue.

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Our team of professional technicians ensures clear communication throughout the repair process, so you're always informed.

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Understanding the urgency, our skilled technicians offer same day dishwasher repair services to address your needs promptly.

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We aim for your complete satisfaction and happy customers, from the first call to the successful dishwasher machine repair.

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Benefit from our flat-rate pricing system, with no hidden costs.

Assured Warranty

We stand by our work with a solid warranty, giving you peace of mind.

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Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced our top-notch dishwasher repair services in Atlanta. Their testimonials reflect our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Rated 5.0

I have used this company twice now. First time my dishwasher was not working (pod not dissolving and nothing getting clean). Second time my microwave was not working at all. Both times they came, they were polite, professional, knowledgeable and helped me understand what the issues were. I will be using them from now on.

Matias v February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

Great service and attention to details, clean and very professional. Will definitely do business with them again!!!

Nikolas Gomez February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

Diagnosed problem quickly. Communicated via text to schedule appointment. Came back with ordered part and fixed appliance quickly. Great service.

Victoria Dalton February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

The technician was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable about my problem. He arrived in the proposed time window and finished the job in the expected time. I am extremely happy to have my refrigerator back!

Caitlin Leon February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

Technician was responsive and detailed. Explained all the work up front and did a great job. Very cost effective also!

Lauryn Wise February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

Appliance EM is one of the best companies I have had the pleasure of working with! Customer service is fantastic! Quick to respond, very accommodating and honest!

Regan Taylor February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

The problem was quickly identified and fixed. He explained what happened and what to do if it happened again. We really appreciate the friendliness and professionalism of the technician! Highly recommend!

Brittany Young February 22, 2024
Rated 5.0

Came Out To Fix Our Washer Did A Good Job , Thank You

Mecce Scott’S February 21, 2024

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In dishwashers, several components can fail due to wear and tear or other issues. Pump failures are among common issues, where the pump struggles to circulate water effectively, leading to cleaning problems. Heating elements can also break down, resulting in dishes not drying properly or water not reaching the desired temperature. Electronic malfunctions, particularly in modern dishwashers, can cause various operational issues, as they rely heavily on electronic controls for various functions. Another frequent issue is with the door latch; if it's not functioning correctly, the dishwasher may not start, considering it a safety hazard.