Dishwasher Repair Services

Your dishwasher is an essential appliance in your kitchen, designed to make your life easier by saving you time and effort in cleaning dishes and cutlery. With just the push of a button, your dishwasher can effectively and efficiently wash your dirty dishes, leaving them sparkling clean and ready to use again.

When your dishwasher stops working properly, it can be a real inconvenience. You may find yourself spending hours washing dishes by hand or piling them up in the sink until you can find a solution. In addition, a malfunctioning dishwasher can also create more work for you, as you may have to rewash dishes that were not properly cleaned.

This is why it's important to have a reliable and efficient dishwasher repair service that you can trust to get your dishwasher back up and running in no time. At Appliance EMT, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that a broken dishwasher can cause, which is why we offer prompt and reliable dishwasher repair services.

Common Dishwasher Problems We Fix:

  • Leaking Dishwasher: A leaking dishwasher can be a frustrating and messy problem. If you notice water pooling around your dishwasher or puddles forming beneath it, it's important to take action quickly to prevent water damage to your floors or cabinets.

  • Dirty Dishes Even After Running the Dishwasher: There's nothing more frustrating than running your dishwasher only to find that your dishes are still dirty. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, including overloading the dishwasher, using the wrong detergent, or more serious problems such as damage to circuitry or electronic control components.

  • Dishwasher Not Fully Draining: If your dishwasher is not draining properly, it can be a messy and frustrating problem. Clogs in the drainage system are a common cause of this issue, and can lead to water buildup and bacterial growth inside and outside of the dishwasher.

  • Noisier Dishwasher: A noisy dishwasher can be a frustrating and distracting problem, especially if your dishwasher was previously quiet. Overloading the dishwasher or obstructing the spray arms can cause excessive noise, so it's important to ensure that dishes are loaded properly.

  • Dishwasher Won't Turn On: If your dishwasher won't turn on, there are several potential causes to consider. A faulty door latch can prevent the dishwasher from closing properly, which can prevent the dishwasher from starting. Additionally, a blown fuse or tripped breaker can affect your dishwasher's power supply.

  • Smelly Dishwasher: A smelly dishwasher can be a frustrating and unpleasant problem. Built-up food debris in the strainer screen or filtration system can cause odors, so it's important to clean these components regularly. Running the dishwasher with a cleaning solution, such as a special type of detergent or white vinegar, can also help clean the appliance.

  • Water Fill Problems: Water fill problems can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty floats or float switches, or a problem with the water inlet valve. These issues can cause your dishwasher to either not fill with water at all, or to overfill and flood your kitchen. If you're having this issue, make sure to check the float and switch for any damage or blockages. You should also inspect the water inlet valve for any signs of corrosion or wear.

We understand how important your dishwasher is to your daily routine, which is why we always prioritize quick and efficient service. When you call us for dishwasher repair, we'll send out a technician to your home or business as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and provide you with a detailed estimate of the repair cost.

We also offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule, and we always come equipped with the necessary tools and replacement parts to get your dishwasher up and running again in no time.

At Appliance EMT, we offer reliable diagnosis and assessment of your appliance issues. Whether they require significant repairs, minor tune-ups or a replacement, our team can provide the necessary services. Contact us today!

Customer Testimonials

What our customers say

Daniel was very professional. Thank you!

Consuelo E February 23, 2023

They showed up on time and got it all fixed asap. Great Job

Benny Treadway February 23, 2023

Alex from applianceemt was on time and responsive, better price I would recommend for friends and I would be much happy to use service again .. thanks ..

Ganesh Pamulapati February 22, 2023

Alex thoroughly explained to me the issue with my refrigerator and gave me an honest and reasonable quote to fix! Definitely check them out if any appliances need fixing.

cynthia agudelo February 22, 2023

Alex was the one came to fix my refrigerator. He was very kind and throughly explained all the details of the issue. He did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend him to get any of the appliances fixed.

Riya Bhatia February 16, 2023

Alex was very professional in his demeanor and did a fantastic job replacing the heating element and cleaning all the lint in the dryer!!! EXCELLENT!!! 5 STARS!!!

Joanie Fagan February 16, 2023

Sergey and Daniel came out to repair our Samsung refrigerator and I was very impressed. They were honest and professional. I called Monday afternoon and they came Tuesday morning. Highly recommend!

chelseag678 February 15, 2023

The repairman was prompt, courteous and professional. I haves my issue fixed over a weekend. And it was reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend Appliance EMT.

Mike Perkins February 13, 2023

This company was very professional and fixed my freezer i would highly recommend this company to others

health and beauty February 7, 2023

I would highly recommend this company!! They fixed my oven and it works like it’s brand new. Very professional and make you feel comfortable with them working on your appliances!

Max Fedorov February 7, 2023

Terrific same day service. We love using appliance EMT!

Eric Speeth February 3, 2023

Alex was very polite and explained everything that needed to be done to fix our refrigerator.

Thesella i Brown January 31, 2023

Good price and job done by Alex

Luciana Antunez January 30, 2023

I had a great experience with Appliance EMT. Alex was very responsive. Arrived very quickly and fixed our washer. Would highly recommend Appliance EMT. Thank you!

Dana Gold January 27, 2023

Great service on our Whirlpool refrigerator. Alex is a top notch technician and provided excellent service. Would highly recommend Appliance EMT.

Level of Service January 19, 2023

Very professional! Immediately discovered my repair issue and fixed it right then.., no waiting on parts! Very pleased and fairly priced!

Alex was timely and efficient! We will definitely use again!

Kari Brown January 16, 2023

Alex was professional, knowledgeable and prompt.

Jan Johnson January 12, 2023

Response was stellar. Tech arrived in hours, fixed washing machine quickly. Explained what was causing the issue and promptly fixed the problem. Good job and will recommend!

Paul Kline January 11, 2023

Alex fixed our oven same day

Kelly Johnson January 11, 2023

I called Appliance EMT after 4:00pm on a Monday and they sent someone out the next morning by 9:00am. They did the diagnostic and another crew came out the same day for the repair. Very timely and professional.

Vic Gupta January 10, 2023

Sam was awesome! Very professional and knowledgeable with refrigerators.

Dormi Long January 6, 2023

Very responsive. Arrived same day. Dimitri, worked very late to fix our fridge and really did a great job. We are very appreciative and now have a go to company for our appliance needs. Thanks guys.

A W December 30, 2022

Alex was great he came out and checked our dryer and was able to diagnose properly.

Brandon Styles December 28, 2022

Highly recommend! Same day diagnostic and repair. Alex did a great a job repairing our refrigerator and ice maker. He was fast and professional.

Katherine Tarver December 22, 2022

Alex was fantastic! He diagnosed the problem in a few minutes and gave a reasonable price to fix it. The problem was fixed quickly and professionally would highly recommend Appliance EMT.

Paul W December 21, 2022

Needed a washer repair on an older unit. Stan was very helpful and got the repair done

Vince Tran December 13, 2022

Daniel was at my home for dryer issue. He diagnosed the issue quick, and fixed it. I saw him polite, respectful, and an expert in fixing appliance issues.

Tek Dahal December 1, 2022

Woke up one morning to discover our refrigerator and freezer were not cool/cold. I called Appliance EMT and they had someone out in just over 3 hours. William was fantastic! He diagnosed the issue as the fan and explained how the fan affected the overall cooling so we could understand the issue; it was interesting, there's more to it than you think. He had the part on the truck and was able to fix it immediately. Since we had kept the doors closed we did not lose any of our food. Yeah! This company is responsive, the technician are knowledgeable, respectful and prepared. It has been several weeks since the repair and we have had no issues with it since. I highly recommend this company, you won't go wrong with them.

Leslie Michael November 17, 2022

Professional techs and work done quickly.

Lucy Miller November 4, 2022

Willam was very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent service.

Sheldon Gordon November 1, 2022

Daniel was super professional and explained all that was wrong with our dryer - he fixed it really quick!

Heather Joshi October 13, 2022

Daniel was our technician and he was very polite and professional. We had to have them come out twice. First time he fixed it temporarily to troubleshoot the issue and our fridge was beyond repair (12 years old), but he was honest and gave me a good recommendation for a new appliance. We would use their services again.

Priscilla Salmasi September 13, 2022

Company responded quickly and arrived at the scheduled time. Daniel was our technician for the services performed. He was very polite, professional, honest and knowledgeable.

Kelle Alcorn August 30, 2022

I had a great experience with Appliance EMT, starting with the call to schedule and ending with Alex’s visit for the repair. He arrived on time, was able to quickly diagnose the dryer issue, quoted the price and began the repair. He even educated me on some helpful things to help with maintenance. Would definitely use these guys again!

Lucas Ramey August 9, 2022

Daniel was my tech guy and he did such an amazing job. Very friendly and professional. I highly recommend!

Tiffani Le July 27, 2022

Professional,on time,good price,good quality parts. 6 stars 🌟 don't bother calling anyone else. Technician (Daniel) was very helpful got the job done in no time and worked with my schedule. What else can you ask for.

Vitaliy Fedorov July 21, 2022

Appliance EMT is awesome! Their service and professionalism for our needs have been amazing. Highly recommend.

Kevin McAninch July 16, 2022

Bobby was helpful and careful with our appliances and did a fantastic job. Patient and helpful when asked questions.

Neko 96 July 12, 2022

Was without the use of my oven for several days. Didn't realize how much I missed being able to bake on a whim. Called Appliance EMT this morning and was able to get it serviced this afternoon. The technician did an excellent job and the price was very reasonable. Now I have to decide what to bake first 🙂

Sonya Wigfall July 6, 2022

They've got the best appliances and they've got great associates. Easy to work with and very responsive to inquires

Jason Duazo June 15, 2022

Great service. Although we did not proceed with the repair of our dryer because the price of the samsung parts was not worth it, i really appreciate their professionalism, willingness to help as much as possible and reliability of their appointment (i had several bad experience with other companies). Special thumbs up for William who has been serving us.

jfHuff June 7, 2022

Nice and friendly service! Daniel helped us out and did a great job.

Joshua LaCross June 3, 2022

I just want to say how pleased I am with the service provided by Appliance EMT. I had been waiting over a month for the company American Home Shield hooked me up with to fix my washer ("part on order we wait"). These guys came out and had the job done in two hours. Super friendly and knowledgeable. Will use again and recommend you do as well.


Igor was my technician and he was absolutely amazing! Professional, prompt and he knew his thing! I'd recommend this company to anyone and will definitely call them again for any and every appliance repair.

gg gamer March 16, 2022

William was cordial, efficient and wonderfully helpful!

David Bobo February 18, 2022

I have had this company out several times to fix different appliances. They are the nicest techs I ever worked with. They are trustworthy and honest. Daniel was out today to fix my dryer and went above and beyond. USE THIS COMPANY!

Julie Clark January 25, 2022

We have used them twice and both times we had a great experience. Daniel was very professional and honest. I would highly recommend them for any of your appliance repair needs.

Jim Major December 15, 2021

Just want to say that I received excellent service today on a refrigerator that was not cooling or freezing. Bobby with Appliance EMT came to my house within a few hours of my call and repaired my refrigerator in under 45 minutes. He had the part in his truck and even fixed another issue without a charge. I will definitely call this company with any other appliance issues I may have. Highly recommend Appliance EMT.

Kate Halpin November 16, 2021

Extremely happy with Appliance EMT! Had a Samsung dryer start squealing badly. The official Samsung Cares site sent my case to a very shady company with a 1 star review that wanted $90 up front before they even came out. I decided to look online and went with this company. Within just a few hours of placing my online service request, they called and scheduled a service call for the very next day. Everything happened exactly as they described. My technician was Bobby and, as promised, he called to tell me he was 20 minutes away from arrival. He came within the time window I was given and within just a couple of minutes was able to diagnose the issue, which corresponded with my own research of what was wrong too. Pricing was as transparent as it could be- open a pricing binder, flip to a brand, and find the price of the service needed. He had all the parts he needed in his van and completed the repair within 10 minutes or so. Excellent experience in all aspects! Would definitely use them again when needed and recommend them for repairs! Really couldn't ask for anything better.

Jack Cheng October 27, 2021