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Ice Maker Repair Services

Your freezer is an essential appliance in your home, allowing you to store perishable items for an extended period. When your freezer fails, it can be a real inconvenience, potentially causing food spoilage and other problems. At Appliance EMT, we understand the importance of having a functioning freezer, which is why we offer reliable and efficient freezer repair services.

Our team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair any freezer issue quickly and effectively. We use the latest diagnostic tools and techniques to identify the root cause of the problem and provide you with the most efficient and effective solution.

Common Ice Maker Problems We Fix:

  • Paused or turned off the ice maker: A setting-related issue is the simplest to resolve. There are occasionally two or three distinct ways to pause or stop your ice maker, and it is not always evident when it switches off. Your ice machine might have easily been unintentionally switched to the off position, which would have caused it to completely stop producing ice.

  • Misset Fridge Thermostat: The refrigerator thermostat can also be causing problems. The ice maker won't function properly if your freezer is too cold or warm. The refrigerator compartment is where the thermostat is often kept. The complete refrigerator-freezer unit could have a single temperature dial. There are occasionally two different dials, allowing you to set how warm or cold your freezer and fridge will be individually.

  • Mold with Ice Stuck in It: Misshapen, fragmented, and fluffy frosted ice are some of the most typical ice maker issues. All of this is the result of ice fragments getting lodged in the ice mold. No new ice can be made if an entire batch of ice becomes stuck, and the water line may be problematic since it cannot fill the tray.

  • Leaky or Obscure Water Pipes: To produce high-quality ice, your ice maker's water line is necessary. If the water line is blocked, water cannot exit and ice cannot be produced. The ice you receive could smell bad if the lines are clogged with something unpleasant. Water line leaks are equally bad, if not worse, If a water line is split or a seal is broken, then leaks might occur which can make a wet or freezing mess.

  • Expired Water Filter: How old is the water filter in your refrigerator? For many years, many people neglect to change the water filter. Eventually, whatever is being filtered out of your tap water before it becomes ice will eventually block your filter. When the filter becomes clogged with debris, water cannot pass through because it must flow through the filter. At best, this causes low water pressure; at worst, it causes ice that is dirty. Change out your water filter and all will be okay.

  • Frozen or malfunctioning ejector assembly: Ice is removed from the ice bin and made available through the chute in the door using a feature called an ejector. There could be a number of reasons why the ice ejector in your refrigerator isn't working. First, look to see if the chute is being blocked by an ice dam, a number of ice chunks, or a layer of frost. After that, make sure each component is operating properly by checking the gear, the motor, and the flap. Replace the component or the entire assembly if they are not, and your ice maker will be as good as new.

We know how important your ice maker is to your daily life, so we always give quick and reliable service top priority. When you call us about your ice maker, we'll send a technician as soon as possible to your home or business to figure out what's wrong and give you a detailed estimate of how much it will cost to fix. We also have flexible scheduling options to fit your busy life, and we always bring the tools and replacement parts we need to get your ice maker back up and running quickly.
At Appliance EMT, we offer reliable diagnosis and assessment of your appliance issues. Whether they require significant repairs, minor tune-ups or a replacement, our team can provide the necessary services. Contact us today!

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Too expensive

salim merchant September 29, 2023
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Alex performed professional work repairing our refrigerator.

Alexey Garza September 29, 2023
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Marcus was beyond exceptional! Sincerely appreciate the knowledge that Marcus provided regarding washer machine. Thanks again for everything Mr. Thomas

TK&Lake September 29, 2023
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Technician, I think his name was Adan, very professional and knowledgeable. Explained and showed me the issues and repairs. Provided great customer service. Highly recommend them.

Joe Pueblas September 29, 2023