Brenda Ingram


Wow! I am very pleased! My dryer quit working this morning and I was panicked because I’m about to go out of town and need to do lots of laundry. I had called a couple of repairs companies and left messages. The first company called back and said they could have a technician out the next morning. It would be a $65 service fee and the price of the service fee would be part of the repair price should they do the work. I then received a call from Appliance EMT. When I told the guy what was wrong, he said that it was probably just the knob, instructed me how to look to see if it was cracked, and then told me to take one of the other knobs and fit it on that one to see if it worked. It did!! He stayed on the phone while I tried it and said that I could find a replacement knob on Amazon for around $6! I appreciate the honesty and it saved me a lot of money. I will call them in the future for all of my appliance repair needs! It’s worth it to do business with someone you trust!